Optimising Personal Health

08 July 2019

This month Health Coach Paul Curran describes the proactive interventions that we take as individuals to attain the Healthful Life. From this place we are best able to contribute in all spheres of our lives including the workplace where we bring our talents and creativity to bear in meaningful and sustaining ways.

Personal Health

At the personal level the three dimensions of Body, Mind and Spirit provide the foundation for the organisation’s core activities of Operations, Management and Leadership. As before, in each dimension we follow a threefold strategy –

  • Stop Getting Sick
  • Remove The Toxins keeping us sick
  • Use the Best Building Materials to restore health

Starting with the physical body – because everybody has one, we all know the importance of avoiding ‘Edible Products’ that undermine our health.  This is the starting point for our journey and often the most difficult first step involves breaking well-established habits. In the Mind dimension we stop getting sick by Accepting Responsibility for our health. After all, we are the only ones with ‘Skin in the game’; doctors get paid irrespective of our treatment outcomes. In the Spiritual realm we stop compromising on our unique vocation and stop ‘marching to someone else’s drum’. The organisations we choose to work for are those where we can engage our talents most meaningfully.

Most of us have accumulated a toxic burden, which continues to undermine our health long after we have stopped adding to the problem. We must now consciously set about removing these toxins. In the physical body this typically involves issues like a Heavy Metal Detox or a weight loss programme. Toxic metals interfere with our natural production of enzymes and excess weight produces inflammatory cytokines which are the cause of most chronic diseases.  In our hyper-stimulating environment there is always something demanding our attention. Over years we have become exposed to increasing stress levels, which the body addresses through the release of stress hormones. In this chronically stressed state we cannot ‘Rest and Digest’. Rather, the dominant role of the ‘Fight or Flight’ response actively prevents healing. After all, if the tiger makes you its next meal, what you last had for yours becomes irrelevant. To counter this we must positively cultivate a practice of calm by adopting an attitude of gratitude and through meditation.  In the realm of Spirit a lifetime spent ‘looking after number one’ now needs to change to seeking ways to be of service to others. ‘We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.’

Our newly stripped down persona is now ready for rebuilding. Just as motorway maintenance gets done at night our body regenerates as we sleep. We remember the old saying ‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. It is as we sleep that our subconscious mind issues instructions to restore health according to the perfect blueprints held in our DNA and the learnings and experiences of the day are stored in memory just as letters get filed in a post office sorting room.  Finally we adopt a Community building focus as the Spiritual imperative of our health. Human beings are social animals and we can only cultivate lasting health through a commitment to our interdependence, mutual respect and the diversity of our traditions.

Paul Curran