Welcome to Tracey Peckett

10 July 2019

We are honoured to welcome our new board member Tracey to our board. She brings valuable experience and expertise, as well as a passion for our members. All the very best for all her future endeavours and may she touch the pinnacle of success with her consistency and ability.


Tracey is an extremely positive senior leader, connector of people, coaching and change expert, who thrives on making a difference via a variety of channels. With significant experience in leading people through business change and transformation in both public and private sectors. As a coach, Trace has the ability to build meaningful relationships, make strategic decisions and influence and embed change in an inclusive way that allows people and businesses to excel and grow.

Trace has held a number of senior positions where she has been known for her creativity and passion to do the right thing for her teams and customers.

Having worked across a number of industries, Trace took the leap and set up her own leadership and change consultancy, Lead with Wisdom which provides leadership development and change consultancy, with her most recent deliverable being an Academy for prospective Non-Executive Directors.

Trace is extremely passionate about people development and culture to ensure that every individual is provided the environment to excel in their chosen path.

In addition to the energies committed to her business and clients, Trace also finds the time to carry out pro bono activities sitting on the fundraising board of NSPCC Scotland, visiting Glasgow Clyde colleges to share life and business experience with their students and provides mentoring support to young professionals within her network.

Trace also coached individuals through their Chartered Management qualification and is an Associate of Family Friendly Working Scotland which has been Traces’ most recent topic of curiosity.

Trace re-energises by spending time with her family, a trio of cyclists which includes her husband Ray and Jack, her 8 year old son. Trace also enjoys travel to new places, enjoying nice food and a variety of gins and red wine with her girlfriends.

Dawn McKaig CMgr FCMI