Best Organisational Health

13 June 2019

Health Coach Paul Curran examines how a holistic approach to Organisational Health prevents dysfunction in the same way as a proactive lifestyle intervention secures personal protection from  disease.

The best performance in every type of organisation is achieved when there is an optimum alignment of the business with the market in which it operates and with the interests of all its stakeholders. Instead of allowing the formation of a regressive silo mentality, which pits Leadership, Management and Operations against each other, the Holistic approach integrates their activities so that the organisation achieves optimum collaboration. This balanced perspective can restore organisational health and bring sustained improvements in performance. 

Organisational Health
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At the centre of the representative diagram is the Vitruvian Man illustrating that every organisation holds its major functions of Operations, Management and Leadership in balance. In each sector we can identify activities that – 

  • Keep the organisation on track
  • Prepare the organisation to serve its stakeholders
  • Enhance communications both internal and external

To keep the organisation on track we need ‘Regular’ Operations to ensure cash flow requirements are met. Management adopt collective accountability for performance and Leadership are constantly mindful of market developments and of the organisation’s preparedness to meet them.

Preparing To Serve requires that operations are constantly training and developing skills, that management relates to change as a business constant and builds its agility to cope. Finally leadership must ensure that the organisation retains a commitment to customer service which builds confidence and commitment.

Enhancing Communications in operations ensures that staff can celebrate both organisational and personal achievements. It strengthens our sense of group identity, raises morale and wellbeing. Management develop and maintain the collaboration required across multifunctional teams so that the whole organisation can drive forward together. Through enhanced networking, both external and internal, the organisation’s leadership maximises market responsiveness and internal capability.

From this healthy grounded situation the organisation can expand its outlook to satisfy a ‘4Ps’ bottom line of People, Planet, Processes and Presence.