CPD maintaining your personal competitive advantage

10 June 2019

Successful organisations will constantly review how they drive growth, gain competitive advantage and stave off stagnation and decline. How often do you consider the need to remain current in order to sustain your personal competitive advantage?

If you are a student member of the CMI or actively pursuing Chartered registration then you are likely to be amongst those who have a clear plan of where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. 

However, once you have finished your course or gained registration the question of ‘what’s next’ may be unclear or even start to fade after the fatigue of achieving your last goal subsides.

In some Institutes there is the threat of a CPD review requiring you to demonstrate a minimum amount of CPD per year to ensure you qualify to maintain your professional registration. This may be mandatory in some professions but, be it mandatory or a looming threat neither should be your personal driver to continue to invest in yourself for personal growth and maintaining your personal competitive advantage for continued professional progression.

So what does the CMI offer to help professional managers maintain their growth and competitive advantage? There are a range of tools and activities on offer. At the core of the CMI there is the Management Direct Portal which host a wealth of introductory, summary and deep dive resources including:

  • Leader videos; experts talk about overcoming real-life management challenges
  • Content designed to meet different learning styles
  • Search results organised into bite-size learning
  • Best practice resources; checklist, document templates and much more... designed for all level of managers and leaders
The portal also provides the ability to record your CPD

Alongside ManagementDirect there is the Events calendar where you will find a blend of physical and virtual events focusing on a combination of core management topics as well as thought leadership to address the latest management challenges.

For those who have invested in other external professional training, utilising these events translates into tangible learning without significant investment providing a meaningful return on your membership.

A final and arguably less obvious personal realisation for a source of CPD is the CMI Book of the Year awards with this year’s category winners being announced at the recent Presidents Dinner. The realisation being that it is often an overwhelming challenge to see the wood for the trees when faced with a wall of new and existing publications to decide what will add value and what is applicable to you.

The Book Award Panel addresses this issue by doing the heavy lifting to select the publications which are mostly likely to add value to the CMI membership. There are four categories which are directly applicable to different stages of the a CMI members learning journey:

  • Practical Manager 
  • Aspiring Leader
  • Management Futures
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Given the pressures of work and personal lives it can be a challenge to keep CPD in focus and despite having a professional membership is it easy to forget why you joined or what you may want to get from your Institute. CPD is one of the member benefits that can be overlooked with members not being clear how to access and pinpoint learning that is applicable to them. 

Perhaps a look at the book of the year winners or events page will awaken a topic of interest and add an element of competitive advantage and growth…...

Mike Hurst CMgr FCMI