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14 June 2019

CMI Southern member Chris Dixon shares his thoughts on the relevance of CMI to his role in the police force and some of the resources have been important to his ongoing personal development.

As part of my job, I am also an assessor, auditor, trainer and mentor, and developing my capability in these areas enhances my overall performance as a Crime Scene Investigator and Manager, based in Hampshire.

The technical parts of my role involve detailed, precise and thorough work. To achieve this I need to lead and manage a number of expert teams often under pressure and sometimes under difficult circumstances. Sensitively managing the public and those affected by crime is another key aspect of the role.

Continuous professional development (CPD) is essential to all aspects of my job.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) encourages and trains individuals to be the best leaders and managers and strive to the highest professional standards: competence, professionalism, honesty, integrity and a duty to keep up-to-date with current good practice. These standards resonate with me personally and align strongly with my profession.

CMI offers training and resources to support members through each career development phase. The CMI Career Development Centre has been a brilliant source that I regularly look through. Equally the regular additions to ManagementDirect and the CPD area provide new insights.

Sharing CPD resources

In addition, I believe there is a lot to be gained from all of us seeking and sharing good professional development resources. When I come across a good article, I research and consider other people’s views of the article using a range of tools: Twitter, LinkedIn and various email subscriptions.

One of the good authors from my perspective is Benjamin Hardy. His thoughts around productivity have been great, especially the thought of improving productivity during sunrise; the ‘5am routine’ wake up habit. Antoinette Henderson has been inspirational with her Gravitas Profiling programme which explores gravitas within individuals. I have found it a great tool for mentoring.

Discovering other easy to access learning resources can be a challenge. Vision2learn’s elearning and The Open University (OU)have worked well for me. The OU offers free and short courses as well as diplomas, degrees and post graduate qualifications.

Reading and reflecting on established books enables me to put current ideas into perspective and/or improve my skills based on evidence that has stood the text of time. For example I found:

  • ‘The Human Equation: building profits by putting people first’, by J. Pfeffer (1998), thought provoking, and
  • ‘13 Things mentally strong people don’t do’, by A.Morin (2015), great for enhancing my daily focus on wellbeing and emotional control.

A key part of my role is training, tutoring and mentoring colleagues and forensic students. I found one of the good courses to explore these effectively was Level 3 award in Adult Education and Training. I believe many managers would benefit from. My mentoring practice was greatly improved through reading:

  • ‘The Extraordinary Coach: how the best leaders help others grow’, by J.Zenger (2010).

I think sharing how we continue to learn as well as what we are learning demonstrates our daily commitment to CPD and to be the best leader and manager we can be.

Chris Dixon is a CMI member in the Southern Region.

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Thank you to Jo Strain for working with Chris on this blog. Could you share your management tips and resources?