Update on your regional board

05 June 2019

Congratulations to our regional board members on their successes

Congratulations to Patricia O’Lynn on her success in being elected in the recent council elections.

Congratulations to Gemma Jordan on her Chartered Banker Award.

Congratulations to Tom Doran CMgr FCMI FIC FTAG who has just been awarded CMI L7 Diploma in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring through Martin Rice, First Level Impact Belfast.

Some useful statistics 

The most recent Northern Ireland regional newsletter was successfully delivered to 1,070 members in Northern Ireland (98.71% of the membership).

- By way of useful additional information, the latest Northern Ireland regional newsletter had an open rate of 21.03% and a click through rate of 19.56%, (and Northern Ireland has an average of 23.5% and 19.9% over the last year), which is higher than most other Boards, and higher than the national averages which are 20.40% (open rate) and 9.2% (click through rate).

"How to" presentations

A number of (How to) Series of presentations were recently held at SERC Lisburn and Bangor Campuses on how to become a chartered Manager and How to become a Consultant.  Supported by Martin Rice, Linzi Conway and myself Tom Doran we are all Chartered Managers all Chartered Manager assessors and Management consultants. The use of SERC as an event is very much welcomed as it allowed local SMEs and individuals looking for development and or career opportunities.  

The CMI NI board plan to develop this series and take it out across the province.  So watch this space.

Staying on SERC. 8 members of the management team are on their journey to becoming Chartered Managers.  Once successful SERC will have in the region of 15 managers who are leading by example and are advocates for professional and ethical management..

Competition time

To win the Harvard Business Review, Managers Handbook, answer the following question.  1st response to my e-mail is the winner:

Who is the new Patron of CMI and who did he/she replace?

The winner will be picked at random from the correct answers submitted to Tom.doran@northern-Ireland-cmi.org.uk