Newsletter Introduction

07 March 2019

Welcome to the East Midlands spring newsletter. Spring is traditionally a time associated with growth, renewal and change and this is certainly going to be true for many of us in spring 2019. Within the CMI there are exciting developments around the twelve CMI regional boards covering the UK and devolved nations.  We are currently in the midst of a consultation period to restructure and enhance our ability to meet the needs of all of our members. The process is going well and we would hope to have more news around new board activities towards the end of July ready for implementation in April 2020. 

Meanwhile, it is business as usual for our current Board members. In the newsletter we report on our latest celebration for those who have achieved Chartered Manager status which took place in Nottingham. When you read this newsletter the closing date for submissions for Chartered Manager of the Year will have passed and I really hope that many of you have put yourselves forward and that the title goes to an East Midlands member. An award which has recently come to the Region is that of CMI Student Ambassador of the Year awarded to Danielle Keeling. Danielle was a student at the University of Derby and a very active member of the East Midlands Regional Board. This award is well deserved recognition of her contribution. Also in this newsletter we mark the contribution of Beverly King, an East Midlands Board member who recently stood down. All Board members are unpaid volunteers and Danielle and Beverly are great examples of individuals who have contributed significant time and effort to the activities of the CMI and its membership.

Please keep supporting the East Midlands events and if you have any suggestions, questions or want to get involved please do not hesitate to contact us.

Denise Skinner CCMI