Events Update

Events Update - COVID-19

In light of the continuing and developing situation with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in the UK, and having considered the available information and advice from the Government and health authorities, we have taken the decision to postpone a number of events across the CMI portfolio.

16 March 2020

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Mentoring, coaching and sponsorship - confused?

CMI Southern Board Lead for Inclusion joined the CMI and Financial Reporting Council (FRC) event to encourage more sponsorship of women in the finance industry.

14 June 2019


Striving to improve every day

CMI Southern member Chris Dixon shares his thoughts on the relevance of CMI to his role in the police force and some of the resources have been important to his ongoing personal development.

14 June 2019

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Start As You Mean to Go On

A key strength of CMI is its focus developing managers and leaders at all levels from aspiring team leaders to board level throughout their life from student to retirement.

30 April 2019


Have Courage and Be Kind - Exploring Leading with Kindness

Reflecting on the complexity and oft ambiguity in our national and global society and business, it seems logical that there continue to be demands for more responsible leadership.

30 April 2019

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Looking for a sounding board?

Peer to Peer manager mentoring breakfast

08 February 2019

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Productivity Blog

Read Nina Szewczak's blog.

09 January 2019


Senior academic joins as new regional chair

University leader Lois Farquharson joins the CMI Southern Board as its new Chair.

08 November 2018


Taking stock - the chartered way

When did you last appraise your performance as a manager and leader? What would you use as your criteria and benchmark?

08 November 2018

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Getting Chartered - Myth Busting

Article from the CMI Southern Board Chair Suzanne Anderson as she completes her term serving in the region.

01 October 2018