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Looking for a sounding board?

Peer to Peer manager mentoring breakfast

08 February 2019

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Productivity Blog

Read Nina Szewczak's blog.

09 January 2019


Senior academic joins as new regional chair

University leader Lois Farquharson joins the CMI Southern Board as its new Chair.

08 November 2018


Taking stock - the chartered way

When did you last appraise your performance as a manager and leader? What would you use as your criteria and benchmark?

08 November 2018

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Getting Chartered - Myth Busting

Article from the CMI Southern Board Chair Suzanne Anderson as she completes her term serving in the region.

01 October 2018

Climbing Ladder

Chartered Recognition - Management with Impact

Through good management we can make a difference. Achieving Chartered Manager is an independent acknowledgement of the positive impact a manager has in their work and practice.

23 July 2018

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Let's talk about the B-word

You know, the one none of us like to admit to. The one which affects everyone’s decision making.

08 June 2018

6 Ways

Discover more about the Chartered Manager process

Do you aspire to be a Chartered Manager? Chartered Managers work in all spheres of management for private and public organisations, in voluntary management, as sole traders and other roles.

08 June 2018

Craft Management

Craft Your Management Skills

Traditional crafts have had apprenticeships since the Middle Ages and the idea of ‘Chartered’ dates back to the 11th century when Royal Charters were awarded.

02 May 2018

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Celebrating management development

Recent Chartered Managers presented with certificates at an event to Celebrate Chartered Success.

10 April 2018