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 Book Review by Anita Wild 

First-Time Leader: Foundational Tools for Inspiring and Enabling Your New TeamGeorge B. Bradt and Gillian Davis

As the title says, this is a book aimed at the First Time Leader, however,  due to the language level,  the tone of the book and the examples     used,  it is more relevant to a new leader in a large corporate organisation.

This is a very practical book, that aims to guide the first time leader to succeed in their role.  It introduces the reader to the BRAVE leadership framework encouraging the leader to focus on :  Behaviours, Relationships, Attitudes, Values and the Environment. It helps first time leaders to link together and  understand the importance of understanding the organisation culture, the leader’s values and the teams values.    It is     packed with ideas, that are supported by many different tools that are available for downloading from the website Onboarding -Tools. Com.     Some of these are excellent and very useful for any leader.  However,  the book has been published in America and Canada, and many of the examples and the terminology have an American perspective that some UK leaders may find difficult to relate to.   I work with managers and  leaders across the public and private sectors, helping them to develop their skills, I would use this book with some first time leaders in some                                  organisations, but would not find it suitable for general use.

I would award it 3 Stars, for the appropriate reader, who could relate to the majority of the content  it is a good read, but the audience would need to be carefully chosen.

3 stars:  Good, worth reading by a manager or leader

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