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Service Desk and Incident Manager: Careers in IT Service Management (BCS Guides to IT Roles), Peter Wheatcroft

The role of a service desk manager is to provide the single point of contact between an IT organisation and its users. Responsibilities include developing, implementing, monitoring and improving processes and procedures relating to the management of incidents and service requests and handling the communication between an IT provider and its users. This book gives an excellent introduction to the role, covering areas such as purpose, required skills and career progression, as well as tools, standards and frameworks. 

Leverage in the Desert: The Birth of Private Equity in the Middle East, Imtiaz Hydari

An insider's glimpse into the leveraged buyout of Inchcape Middle East (IME), a transaction that paved the way for private equity to emerge as a multi-billion dollar business in the Middle East region. Leverage in the Desert is an important study how the transaction was pulled off, what role the investment bank played and how the deficit helped in the negotiating process. The deal has gone down in history as a landmark transaction and one of the biggest upsets the Middle East has ever seen.


Leadership assessment for talent developmentLeadership Assessment for Talent Development, Tony Wall and John Knights (editors)

Comprised of contributions from business leaders who have become experts in leadership development, and academics in work-based learning, the book offers practical ways to use leadership assessments to enhance talent, rather than stifle it. Engaging and accessible for HR and coaching professionals, it goes beyond emotional intelligence towards transpersonal leadership, and is drawn from the extensive experience and research of practitioners in the field of leadership talent development. 

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Leading High PerformanceLeading high performance: applying the winning principles of sports coaching in your organisation, by Murray Eldridge

How to develop high performance in any organization using the principles that drive success in sports coaching.

There is much that business, especially leaders, can learn from coaches and sport. Leading High Performance takes those elements of sports coaching that are relevant to business and shows how the principles of coaching, sports science, training and even psychology offer tremendous opportunities for achieving high performance in all organisations. It looks at ways in which high performance is achieved in sport and describes, using examples, how this approach develops individuals, encouraging them towards high performance. It then analyses the most relevant ideas and techniques, converting them into easily applicable business models and tools.

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ChangeChange, by Stavros Baroutas

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Career PresentationCareer Presentation; by Mansoor Ismail

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The landmarks of his ideasPeter F. Drucker, by Peter Starbuck

A detailed account of the life and works of eminent management ‘guru’ Peter Drucker is provided here. Beginning with Drucker’s early schooldays in Vienna at the turn of the 20th Century, the author charts the formation and development of Drucker’s ideas including his Management by Objectives (MbO) approach. The text concludes at the end of Drucker’s life, highlighting the significant impact and contribution his ideas have had upon the discipline of management.

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The formative European influences that shaped the thinking of Peter Ferdinand Drucker and how they manifest themselves in his later ideas by Peter Starbuck.

A thesis submitted for the award of a Doctor of Philosophy Degree is presented. The influences which shaped the thinking of Peter F Drucker during his formative years in Austria and Germany and the interim period in England from 1933 to 1937 are examined. Separate sections consider the evolution of Drucker's view on ethics, society and economics and the process by which Drucker's ideas on management evolved is explained. Thinkers covered include: Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, Max Weber, Karl Marx, Frederich Stahl, de Tocqueville, John Maynard Keynes and Schumpeter.

Business as usualBusiness as usual: the Miquel way, by Karen Cunningham

In his thirty years at Arthur Bell & Sons, Professor Raymond Miquel CCMI, CBE transformed the traditional whisky distillers into one of the most successful companies in Scotland with the Bell's brand becoming a household name. At the same time Bell's maintained a social responsibility for its workforce and local communities as well as an active policy in sport, personal development and welfare reflecting Miquel's own priorities and beliefs. He makes no secret of his commitment to Scotland and his belief that local Scottish companies and workers can, given the leadership and direction, compete as equals with the best in the world.

The Bell's takeover of Canning Town Glass and its political implications is described along with the takeover of Gleneagles Hotel. The impact of the latter would have a significant baring on the ensuing battle Miquel had with Guinness. Karen Cunningham tells of the intrigue and double standards throughout the Guinness bid and the subsequent disappearance of one of Scotland's strongest independent companies. After Bell's he looked for a new challenge with Bellhaven Brewery. After accomplishing so much in two short years Miquel was ousted before achieving his ambitious objectives. Away from business matters the book covers his period in sports administration. As Chairman of the Scottish Sports Council he faced head on the difficulties of running a government quango. His involvement with Lees of Scotland which he saved from administration in 1993 and floated on the Alternative Investment Market in 2005 is well documented, as is his continuing association with Glasgow University Business School.

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