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Book review by Robert Orton

The Book of Job: The Business of People for People in Business, Dale Stafford

This beautifully presented and impressively illustrated book is an easy to read, practical guide to tackling those difficult management issues that can affect us all in our working lives. Based on the actual Book of Job, The author dispenses business advice through the use of testaments. The author has clearly spent a large amount of time in the look and feel of the book as well as its contents. The Book of Job subtitled as - The business of people for people in business” comes across as a sort of bible of business, seeming to parody religious texts with its snippets of wisdom and bite-sized tales. The book is packed with thought provoking insights and key messages useful to both new and more experienced managers. Many managers will see their own personal experiences in managing people relflected in the text. The book would make a welcome addition to one's office or library, not to say a great gift.

4 stars:  Strong, strongly recommended for managers and leaders

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