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The Management and Consulting Book Club brings you some of the best titles in management and leadership. The titles featured cover one of four key themes: change, employee engagement, performance management, and leadership. Take a look at our pages to find out what the Book Club has to offer.


Book Prize

Authentic leadership
Above the line

Authentic Leadership: Clashes, Convergences and Coalescences, Donna Ladkin and Chellie Spiller

The authors focus on the premise that leadership is a relational phenomenon and not something that can be distilled down to the actions of one leader, be they authentic or not.

This month members can win a copy of – 

   Above the Line: how to create a company culture that engages employees, delights customers and delivers results, Michael Henderson

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 Guest Reviewer's

                 Polar Bear Pirates          

The power of habit 

Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to engage the sleepwalkers: motivate everyday people to deliver extraordinary results, Adrian Webster

The author explores how to conquer complacency and transform your team into a happy, winning crew.

This month we welcome as our Guest Reviewer Dr. Jennifer Maiden-Brooks who introduces as her book choice - 
   The Power of Habit: why we do what we do, and how to change, Charles Duhigg

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