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Polar Bear Pirates

Book review by Norman Rose - Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to engage the sleepwalkers: motivate Everyday People to Deliver Extraordinary Results,  Adrian Webster, Capstone ISBN978-0857081278

Adrian Webster is a most engaging speaker who shatters our stereotypical view of those with whom we work. Committed to print this makes an engaging, funny read which delivers a mighty punch.

The purpose of the book is to motivate ordinary people to deliver extraordinary results.  In this it has been proved to succeed, and deservedly.  They need to be highly focused, motivational and fun-loving which does not feel like a description of many managers or teams.  Additionally, they deliver on their promises thus creating a bond of trust with those with whom they engage.

This is not just a book for managers, although they need to read it first; it is a book for the whole team enabling each to recognise the characteristics of the other members of the team and to build success from the strength developed from that understanding.  Reading it for this review I recognised traits in colleagues which I had failed to recognise over many years and was given the tools with which to address these to create successful delivery.  No more can be asked.

But it goes further.  Our preconceptions are challenged, our stereotypes shattered and our attitudes refocused to build on how individuals work best and respond to appropriate stimuli.  It shows how to engage non-‘team-players’ within the team by allowing them the freedom to be themselves and thus to become absorbed within the overall delivery framework for success.

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