CMI Management Book of the Year

Commuters Read Category and Overall Winner

Not Knowing

Not Knowing: The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity,Steven D'Souza and Diana Renner, LID Publishing

Knowledge and expertise are highly valued in today’s business world. These values are introduced at an early age by our education system, and at work, we are assessed based on what we know, on having the answers and solutions. Our need for certainty, to know what’s going on, to have all the answers, exerts strong pressure in our lives. This important book offers an alternative, contrarian approach to dealing with such pressures – and to embrace “not knowing” rather than fearing it. The authors argue it is by “not knowing” that we in fact develop an exploratory mindset, and we discover, engage and create new ways to deal with business and management problems and issues.

Management and Leadership Textbook Category

Organizations and Management in Cross-Cultural Context, Zeynep Aycan, Rabindra N Kanungo and Manuel Mendonca - SAGE Publications

Chapters present the fundamental theoretical approaches in all key areas including leadership, ethics and change, and then explore them in the context of culture and cross-cultural management. •Encourages self-reflection and critical appraisal through a series of questions and scenarios designed to get you thinking like a manager working with an international team. •Provides practical guidance on tackling the most complex issues facing managers today.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Category

Customer Innovation, Marion Debruyne - Kogan Page

A new set of organisations have discovered a new formula. They combine customer centricity with innovative power. These organisations have created a completely outside-in approach to the market. They are not driven by what they're good at; they start with the market and design their strategy around it. They replace practices of the past with a new set of capabilities, which enable them to be ahead of the curve in discovering new market opportunities.

Practical Manager Category

The Little Book of Big Management Theories, James McGrath and Bob Bates - Pearson

89 management theories from the world’s best management thinkers – the fast, focused and express route to success. Busy managers need solutions to everyday work problems fast. The Little Book of Big Management Theories gives you access to the very best theories and models that every manager should know and be able to use.

Management futures Category

The Key, Lynda Gratton - McGraw-Hill Education

Can altruism actually be good for business? 37 of the world’s 100 largest economies are corporations, not countries. So are today’s big businesses – bigger, wealthier, more powerful than ever before – better qualified to find lasting solutions to the world’s escalating problems than politicians? In The Key, Lynda Gratton, uses case studies from over 20 companies including Vodafone, Ikea and Tata Consultancy Services, to explore how corporations can embed themselves in the communities they inhabit in order to solve local problems and secure a resilient future for all.

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