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Forget strategy, get results

Book Review by Gary Metcalfe FCMI, FIC - Forget Strategy. Get Results. By Michael Tobin OBE

This book has the subtitle "Radical Management Attitudes That Will Deliver Outstanding Success". Is this another book about throwing away the rule book and not having a plan? Am I going to have to get out of my box to think how to solve a problem? Is the author successful and a high achieving inspirational business leader?  The answer is yes to these questions and the book is well worth reading as it will challenge your 'norms' and make you think about how you really can get the best out of your people.

The book is based on the 'F Factor' which consists of 10 chapters:

Fear, Freedom, Flexibility, Failure, Faith, Fortune, Fortitude, Focus, Fun and Future.

Tobin goes though each with a personal story, a problem he has solved and the resulting positive outcome.  He refers to the F Factor as the 'essential strands of my business DNA'.

Each chapter has a very useful summary - a table with some key sentences, which I have found I have gone back to a couple of times since reading this book.

Radical? Yes, make your team swim with sharks to deal with the fear of change!  He refers to some of the basic leadership and management models we have all come across but puts them into real context.

Inspiring? Definitely, I've always liked being out of the box and looking at the blue sky, but this confirms it can be done.

Should all leaders and managers read this book? Yes if you are new to management or a leader of some years then read it with an open mind, you will be able to put something into practice to make you a better leader. 

5 stars: Exceptional, a “must read” for any manager or leader

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