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The concise Adair on team building and motivation

Book review by Andor Kovacs – The concise Adair on teambuilding and motivation


This book provides a structured framework for leaders who aim to unite their team and inspire not just the group but each individual in order to successfully deliver results. It is equally easy to navigate through the book for those who are only familiarizing themselves with the content and want to extend their knowledge on the topics.


However Adair's piece of work would be rather a great pocket book which can be referred time to time by people in managerial position with some experience to refresh their approach. The checklists' questions are mind-openers covering all aspects and Adair's advice based on some solid rules is valuable to keep Team,


Task and Individual well managed. Even though, most of the ideas are known from the book, he has offered a comprehensive set of techniques. The checklists have helped me in my role to identify components which I did not consider before thus determined key actions in order to improve my approach as a leader. Nevertheless, there would be other books covering the same topics offering greater level of entertainment by reading through them.


 3 stars: Good, worth reading by a manager or leader

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