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The Management and Consulting Book Club brings you some of the best titles in management and leadership. The titles featured cover one of four key themes: change, employee engagement, performance management, and leadership. Take a look at our pages to find out what the Book Club has to offer.


CMI Management Book of the Year

The conscious leader
Organizations and management in cross-cultural contaxt

The Conscious Leader: 9 Principles and Practices to Create a Wide-awake and Productive Workplace by Shelley Reciniello 

The author who has spent a lifetime studying the psychology of people and work offers nine principles and practices needed to create a wide-awake and productive workplace. It is argued that by understanding the basic psychology of people at work, essential knowledge needed to create a more successful and productive team can be gained.

This month we present the winner in the Management and Leadership Textbook Category at CMI Management Book of the Year Awards 2015

Organizations and Management in Cross-Cultural Context by Zeynep Aycan, Rabindra N. Kanungo and Manuel Mendonca

The book presents the much needed integration of three separate but inter related fields of cross-cultural management, HRM and OB. In the present global world of business organisations this will provide readers with useful insights and critical knowledge needed to be successful in cross-cultural contexts.

Management Challenge

Guest Reviewer's Choice

Management and organisational behaviour

This month's Leadership Challenge book - Gen Y Now: How Generation Y Changes Your Workplace and Why It Requires a New Leadership Style, Buddy Hobart and Herb Sendek

Generation Yers make up 25% of the population and will be dominating the workforce for the next 30 years. The authors provide insights into how leaders can recruit, retain and work successfully with Gen Yers.

This month we welcome as our Guest Reviewer - Kevin Rowswell FCMI who selects as his book:

Management and Organisational Behaviour, Laurie J Mullins, (Pearson, 2013)

The essential introduction to management and organisational behaviour. A range of real life examples and case studies illustrate the theories of human behaviour at work, and the influence of individuals, leaders and groups on organisational performance.

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