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Lead and influenceBook review by Jean Billingsley - Lead & Influence: get more ownership, commitment and achievement from your team, Mark Fritz

 “When was the last time you washed a rental car?” Mark Fritz uses this as an illustration of people ‘renting’ their jobs and not feeling ownership. He describes the benefits of using outcomes, instead of activities, to drive ownership and achievement and explains how to do this.

A key theme in the book is working internationally, across distances and cultures, for example the need for collaboration enabled by trust, information sharing and processes. Communication is an important part of leading and influencing, for example using the language of achievement and asking, not answering, questions.

The four main parts cover: mind-set of achievement, personal ownership, enabling personal ownership and enabling team ownership. The final part includes a useful summary of the chapter takeaways plus some follow ups sections that leaders could apply to themselves, including reflection questions and identifying habits to develop, reinforce and replace.

This is a practical, not academic book, written in a readable style and with well-structured with contents and an index for easy reference. There is practical advice throughout with statements of what successful leaders do and why it is important to be a good role model. There are also useful tips, for example to have a productive discussion in a meeting, and ensure that you get the best ideas, ask all attendees to provide 3 suggestions beforehand.

This is a good read for a manager or leader. Subjects such as goals and influencing people have been covered in more detail in various personal development books. As the title ‘Lead & Influence’ suggests, this book brings together a range of topics relevant for a leader, at any level, who is managing people and wants to achieve, whilst developing both themselves and their teams.

My star rating is 3 stars:  Good, worth reading by a manager or leader.

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