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Book review by Pauline Hobson – Gen Y Now: How Generation Y Changes Your Workplace and Why It Requires a New Leadership Style, Buddy Hobart and Herb Sendek   John Wiley & Sons; 2nd Edition ISBN: 978-1118899465

Competitive advantage for any service based organisation is considerably influenced by the performance of the people who work for them. Currently 25% of the workforce is Generation Y and within ten years when ‘Traditionalists’ and ‘Baby boomers’ have retired or are working part-time, they will form more than 70% of workers. Hobart and Sendek’s message is that this is a burning platform situation and organisations need to change now in order to survive and grow.

The examples used in this book are largely based on experiences in Corporate America and tips are illustrated with US coaching analogies, but don’t let that put you off, the principles apply across the globe.  Strong leadership is the key to the alignment of culture in order to support the whole workforce so that new skills, ideas, and energy can be leveraged. If you want your organisation to be successful the sharing of skills and knowledge between all generations of workers is vital. Chapters include world class performers and leaders; vision and strategy, energy wasters, and, the leadership challenges attached to cultural change management.

If you want to understand what Generation Y/Millenials are looking for and how to motivate them this is the book for you.  It seeks to de-bunk commonly held misconceptions about their behaviour and attitude and provides guidance to today’s leaders on how to attract, retain and mentor Millenials in order to get the best out of this talented, highly educated and flexible generation.

This book is aimed at and would be useful for any management level – but particularly so for senior and middle management who may be in a position to make the organisational changes required to attract, recruit, induct and manage Generation Y staff.  

Three star rating.

3 stars: Good, worth reading by a manager or leader

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