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Go naked

Book review by Kathryn Fraser - GO NAKED: revealing the secrets of successful selling by Michael Smith

Rethink Press Limited   ISBN-13: 978-1781330937

The novel title “Go Naked” should entice most managers; although this book is more suitable for early or middle managers.  The content is refreshingly straightforward and repeats major points to help you remember and apply.

The main theme of this interesting, and easy to read, book is that ‘building a relationship’ is the key to ensuring repeat transactions with your clients.  Michael Smith’s enthusiasm runs throughout the book, which, with the well laid out print, makes you want to continue reading until you finish the book.

The concepts and ideas in the book are valid and reflect research from marketing and consumer behaviour.  The first chapter ‘Life Is All About Relationships’ is particularly striking and reminded me of an earlier SPIN selling technique.  ‘SPIN’ is an interactive listening technique, devised by Huthwaite, where a questions sequence goes from the client’s Situation, Problem, Implications to Need.    

Michael Smith builds the content into seven principles, which overlap and interconnect.  He also offered seminars throughout the UK in 2014 and a link to his blog - well worth a look.

Although the principles are easy to understand and apply, they are not listed but reflected in the seven chapter headings.  Paraphrased, these are become curious, different, in-control, goal-orientated, value-focussed, enthusiastic, and then deliver.

4 stars:  strong, strongly recommended for managers and leaders 


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