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Leadership - practice and perspecticvesBook review by Satyapramod Lakkundi - Leadership, Practice and Perspectives, Kevin Roe


OUP Oxford    9780199642335



The book details every aspect of leadership for someone interested about leadership as a subject. The book effectively takes readers through leadership perspectives from initial trait theory to strategic leadership, the change observed in management study with changing business or social environment.



The book is divided in two parts with first covering frameworks or theories of leadership and second related themes or aspects of leadership. One suggestion for next edition is to include inclusive leadership part of the framework and a chapter for ethics in related theme; such updates are essential considering management concepts keep changing with research and fresh thoughts.



There is a brief note at back cover of book that mentions this is a comprehensive textbook designed specifically for students new to the subject; but after running through the content of book it clearly presents itself as comprehensive reference book on leadership, which is worthwhile for readers at any level. Beginners will benefit with its detailed content, case studies & its questions. Serious readers will benefit from the systematic flow of the content with valuable reference in ‘further reading’ section and 20-pages bibliography at end of the book.


The book is highly recommended for beginners; beginner’s meaning not limited to students but also for mid level managers and for every individual who wish to understand & study leadership. The book is recommended to be included in the bookshelf for experienced individuals. 


Star rating is 4 for managers and 3 for leaders. At an average book is rated as 3.5 stars.

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