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This month we welcome as our Guest Reviewer Vicky Kufeldt who introduces as her book selection - Lean In – Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook. Published by WH Allen       ISBN-: 978-0753541623

Lean inThe aim of this book is to encourage women to ‘sit at the table’, seek challenges, pursue goals, break down external and often internal barriers they may create, to lean into their careers and to address the imbalance of male to female leaders so that in the future there will be no male or female leaders – simply leaders.

Sheryl approaches topics such as gender bias, frankly, considering the causes and offering practical solutions so we can better understand differences in gender in order to collectively create a more equal environment resulting in greater individual happiness and bottom line business performance. This book is written to help women to increase their chances of making it to the top of their field or goal, regardless of their stage of life and for men to understand and support that aim in order to build a stronger society.

Throughout the book Sheryl discusses the need for women to ‘lean in’ to their careers, not to take a back seat, or pass up opportunities, but to own their own success, to ‘keep their hands up’ (something that women rarely do in comparison to their male counterparts), ask for and provide honest feedback, understand that no one can ‘do it all’ and to identify real priorities in their professional and private lives as well as challenging them to consider what choices they would make if they were not afraid. 
Lean In is a very approachable read written with honesty and candid humour that allows the reader to connect with Sheryl, be inspired by her journey and experiences as well as learn from mistakes she has been willing to so openly share.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to take practical steps to advocate themselves or others around them or any person wanting to improve the performance of their business by understanding and supporting all leaders in their organisation.

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Vicky Kufeldt

Biography - Vicky Kufeldt 

My name is Vicky Kufeldt, having migrated from the UK 10 years ago; I now live in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I have worked across a range of industries including business equipment sales, air conditioning, private immigration and construction.

I am a solution focused leader and Chartered Manager who enjoys identifying and developing individual’s capabilities and driving performance to execute results. I consider myself adaptable, creative and enjoy working collaboratively to initiate change particularly within process design, continuous improvement, problem solving and managing projects. My philosophy is not to stop at the idea, but to make ideas happen.

I have for the last two years been working for Fletcher Construction –EQR and currently manage a team of staff at one of the regional sites.  Fletcher EQR was established in response to the September 2010 earthquakes in Canterbury. It is a business unit of Fletcher Construction and was set up to repair homes damaged by the earthquakes, as agent to the Earthquake Commission (EQC).  Having experienced the devastating series of earthquakes that rocked my local community, I have welcomed the opportunity to play my part in the areas re-build.

The project ends in its current format this April, with the majority of substantive repairs having been completed.  At this point I will be taking the opportunity to find my next interesting challenge.