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This month we welcome Dr Eva Gkenakou.
Eva has chosen as her book selection - The FT Guide to Management: How to be a Manager Who Makes a Difference and Gets Results (Financial Times Series) by Ann Francke

FT Guide to managementBook review by Dr Eva Gkenakou - The FT Guide to Management: How to be a Manager Who Makes a Difference and Gets Results (Financial Times Series) by Ann Francke 

There are books that I happened to come across in life just at the right time to inspire and guide me and the Financial Times Guide to Management written by Ann Francke, current CEO of Chartered Management Institute, is a recent example. As I have recently taken on a wider role in my professional life the book is full of helpful tips and insights from the recruitment process to communication strategies. In my view, the biggest strength of the book is the sincerity of the main author, an experienced manager and leader, who is happy to share anecdotes of her professional life. This is very important because the author, and the rest of contributors, share tips based on their achievements but also pitfalls based on the things that did not go that well. This is a rare find, as it is a fact of life that not everything goes as planned but many people don’t admit it happened to them too. To read about pitfalls can be twice as valuable. Firstly, you can avoid making the same mistake and secondly coming from such well- known leaders you realise that successful people have had to overcome a number of obstacles, and perseverance is often key to success. Even though we all know that, I always find it motivational to read these stories and that remind me of this fact. Other aspects that I enjoyed about the book are the style of writing; clear and concise and the fact that it touches upon on all the issues a manager faces giving practical advice and often an example methodology to follow.  What more could you ask from a guide? I would highly recommend the guide for all levels of managers, even as a refresher for the more senior managers. It is comprehensive yet concise with a down-to-earth approach. I’m sure I will be going back to it for years to come.

Dr Eva Gkenakou

Dr Eva Gkenakou- Biography

Dr Eva Gkenakou is currently the UK Sustainability Manager of Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe and she heads up the company’s environmental and sustainability disciplines. She joined Brookfield Multiplex in 2009 as an Environmental Advisor and has developed innovative ways of monitoring and managing the environmental impacts of construction. 

Eva graduated from the University of Athens, Greece with a BSc in Chemistry and went on to gain an MSc in Environmental Engineering from The University of Manchester in the UK. She then worked with one of the largest inland dredging contractors on the remediation of tributyltin-contaminated dredging material, obtaining a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Southampton. 

Eva is a member of the Chartered Management Institute, a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and a Chartered Waste Manager (MCIWM). For her work she was named a Sustainability Rising Star by Building magazine and nominated for a Sustainability Executive Business Green Leader 2014 Award.

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