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Face to face in  the workplaceBook review by Ian Greaves - Face to Face in the Workplace: A Handbook of Strategies for Effective Discussions, Julie Cooper, CareerTrain, ISBN-978-0955968037

Face to Face in the workplace describes itself as a handbook of strategies for effective discussions, using my own words I would probably call it Strategies for managers in dealing with uncomfortable conversations with colleagues and subordinates at work! The book deals with a range of areas that many of us deal with on a regular basis in our work lives and provides some refreshing ideas on how these situations might be approached so that everyone benefits, to some degree, from those one to one discussions.

However, this would also be a fantastic handbook for those aspiring to become managers or leaders and provides insight and advice on how those not experienced in such discussions might approach them. It highlights twenty six different discussions and systematically describes a definition of each and then goes on to discuss key areas such as outcomes, planning and good practice for each scenario. It is written in a way that looks at the situation from both persons point of view which gives a balanced analysis of the best way to achieve the best outcome.

The book is really well laid out, easy to navigate and would an ideal reference tool for both the new manager and more experienced leaders, both of whom would benefit from the practical advice it offers

I would give this book 4 stars

4 stars: Strongly recommended for managers and leaders

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