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Book Review by Thomas Hughes - Lead to Succeed by Chris Roebuck

Lead to succeed

This book has you asking questions before you've finished reading the introduction that will inspire you to keep on reading. Why is that? It’s because you will want to know what Mach2 leadership is, do you have it, and if not how can you acquire it?

This is a book with a firm structure and a practical set of actions that are easy to follow.  Each chapter has real world examples from practitioners and academics. Each statement is qualified and backed up with tangible evidence. The end of each chapter has lists of key points and key actions for you to carry out and a list of references.

It is a remarkable work that will assist those with career aspirations. For those with an established career there’s always something you can learn. You may already think you’re a Mach 2 leader but you will learn and hone skills from this book. There are other books covering the same points but this is a quality manual to help managers gain those much needed leadership skills. The book is also a fun and inspirational read.

4 Stars: Very Good and a must read for any manager or leader

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