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This month we welcome Andor Kovacs as our Guest Reviewer. Andor has chosen as his book selection Conscious Business: How to build value through values by Fred Kofman

Conscious business, Fred Kofman

Book Review by Andor Kovacs – Conscious Business – How to build value through values by Fred Kofman

Today’s technology has taken an incredible chunk on how businesses are managed and how people interact. However, the human side such as emotion, trust or persuasion will always be there in our communication and decisions whether we use the best technology or not. Fred’s book really teaches us to realize that the only way of managing our interaction is through conscious business in order to gain control of our mind and heart. 

The book gives us the tools to develop our behaviour and approach. The content is based on a scientific framework, however it is very interestingly written. Even thing, we would know by heart, Fred managed to structure them, giving more pragmatic consideration. Fred’s fascinating stories are the best case-studies to learn how to say “Yes” or “No”, how to win when the other wins. 

Fred grew up in Argentina in difficult times before moving to the USA. It is absolutely authentic to follow his arguments through the book because he not just understands but he has also experienced interactions with people from different societies. The book highlights some simple tools but when it comes to communication you realize how much effort you need to stay focused before you can become naturally conscious to express your view with unconditional responsibility and integrity by building on the values to create values. Whoever who would like to step up from right leadership to great leadership, conscious business provides an essential guide to achieve what really matters in business and in life. 

Nevertheless, anyone who firstly would like to understand why his/her communication reflects the relationship with other people, secondly would like to improve on it, Conscious Business will surely be a great asset.

Andor Kovacs

Andor Kovacs - Biography

Andor Kovacs is a professional in the manufacturing sector, and he has been working for CHEP since 2012, the leading pooling services provider of supply chain equipment. Andor started his role as Quality Assurance Leader in Ireland but now extended to be the Acting Quality Manager for Poland & Hungary. At CHEP, Andor was selected to take part in the company's Talent Programme, receiving Executive Education from IE Business School. He was also the member of IET and he is looking for progressing his Chartered Engineer registration. From 2009 to 2012, Andor completed a 2-year KTP project, the UK most successful knowledge transfer partnership programme, with his extension to stay at the partner company, Pakflatt Ltd. in the Supply Chain Development Manager role within this period, being responsible for the whole operation at the UK leading election equipment manufacturer. Prior to enhancing his career in Ireland and in the UK, Andor built up his professional background staring at Saint Stephen University where he graduated with an MSc in Engineering Management.

In 2007, Andor was awarded to complete a scholarship at the German giant, Robert Bosch in Hungary for the entire graduation year as a full time Industrial Engineer Trainee. Building on this unique experience, as a fresh graduate, Andor was already a Project Manager at Dension Audio Systems, a leading manufacturer of in-car entertainment systems. In 2008, due to personal reasons, Ireland became the next destination. In the shadow of the financial crisis, Andor worked as a Stock Administrator before finding the path to his current position.

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