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Book review by Marie Coombes -
Powering through Pressure: Building resilience for when work gets tough, Bruce Hoverd

Powering through Pressure is one of the latest titles to offer a solution to workplace stress but is it just another self-help book?

For this reader, the answer is yes. The focus is very much on how the reader as manager can help themselves with case studies based on both research and the author's personal experience. These are relatable and add emphasis to the strategies being suggested taking the complexity out of applying such strategies. The book is clearly signposted throughout making it easy to dip in and out of depending on what the particular issue is for the reader at that point.

I particularly found useful chapter nine - Reducing Your Pressure Throughout the Year. Hoverd devotes this chapter to a month by month understanding of what can cause stress at that particular time, identifying triggers and helping the reader to devise achievable action plans. The assistance in pre-empting stress rather than fire-fighting after the fact based on time of year was, to this reader at least, an innovative approach and one many people, including myself, can relate to.

Take away this chapter and this book is just another in a long list aimed at those managing in pressure roles with the goal of helping them deal with tough situations better. It is an easy to read book that with very real practical uses due to the fact its organised in a logical and simple to dip in and out of way, but barring one chapter, it does not stand out above similar titles.

3 stars:  Good, worth reading by a manager or leader

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