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Book review by Robert Newman -
Innovation Governance: How Top Management Organizes and Mobilizes for Innovation, Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Beebe Nelson

Innovate or Die. Despite this phrase having become a somewhat hackneyed business maxim, over recent years, there are many companies – large and small – who are still not quite getting it. This book, Innovation Governance, written by two leading authorities on the subject of innovation and creativity in the workplace, is an attempt to unravel why.

Although Innovation Governance is an important book - aimed at senior businesspeople - there are times when it feels a little theoretical, a little “ideal world”. And yet attempting to describe how creativity can be channelled and controlled and its results quantified is certainly a worthwhile endeavour. Because - despite the best of intentions - heads of business can prove reluctant to truly embrace innovation. Perhaps because of the shifts in business practices that are, so very often, required as a result.

The material in Innovation Governance is presented as a combination of theoretical narrative, compelling case studies – from industry giants like Nestle and IBM - and practical guidelines. There are ideas in the book that are broadly applicable, to most businesses. Indeed, inspired by the book, we had an interesting management session, discovering our company’s warriors, judges, diplomats and mentors! These insights can be crucial because some traits – whether at a corporate level or at an individual level – can be downright dysfunctional when it comes to innovation. 

An interesting read.

Rating - 4 stars Strongly recommended for managers and leaders.

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