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Book review by David Godfrey -
Systems Lifecycle Cost-Effectiveness, Massimo Pica

The need for systems in all manner of organisations is now of paramount importance whether they are in manufacturing the public sector or customer service.  This book sets out to inform all senior managers that the need to consider the cost-effectiveness of such systems is essential.

The book takes the reader through all of the stages of systems design through to procurement and also stresses the importance of considering the cost of replacement.  The writer makes some very interesting observations along the way and some very useful check-lists are included in the text that illustrate the importance of digging down to the very minute  detail when planning to introduce a new system.
There are many examples given of how to cost the new system, with appendices giving worked examples of the mathematical formulas that are to be applied in the latter sections of the text.  However, these costing models are complicated and call for a high level of mathematical underpinning knowledge.

This book is really for systems specialist who will find it a very interesting read and those who use and implementing manufacturing system will find it especially useful.   This book will provide a very useful reference for the above with several useful check-lists and cost benefit analysis models that may be used in the implementation of most systems.  Those managers now seeking to gain a cost or efficiency advantage via the use of new systems will find this an indispensable text book.

The book is recommended to systems engineers, managers with responsibility for cost analysis, senior executives, students, academics and all those managers who have an interest in systems and their design.

3 stars:  Good, worth reading by a manager or leader

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