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MCCI Best SellerBook review by Andrew Pestana – Managing change, creativity and innovation by Patrick M. Dawson and Constantine Andriopoulos

SAGE Publications Ltd; 2nd edition

ISBN-13: 978-1446267219

The book is a very well written academic based book that will provide the knowledgeable reader with the appropriate amount of detail and information to further their learning experience. It will provide managers with a good reference guide for everything associated with change and innovation. The text provides the right amount of detail and balances the main concepts associated with change and innovation in clear and concise manner. This gives the reader an enjoyable experience that can be a real value in their learning journey.

The book is aimed at individuals with an advanced knowledge of innovation and change and senior level managers who are looking to further develop their understandings of the concepts. It can also be utilised for those exploring further education at a Masters level. It however must be cautioned that individuals with a limited knowledge may find the text over complicated and the advice would be to ensure the basic concepts are understood before embarking on the read. It is also suggested that in reading the book an approach of dipping in and out of the text is an approach that will serve the reader better in their experience as opposed to approaching it like a novel.

4 stars: Strong, strongly recommended for managers and leaders