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Designing your life

Book review by John Haycox - Designing Your Life: build a life that works for you, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Chatto & Windus

The book does what it says in the title – ‘Designing Your Life’ and what I particularly like about this book is that the authors spend some time discussing where you are NOW using a formula which not only includes ‘work’ (not necessarily paid work) and ‘play’ (the usual work/life balance topics) but also includes ‘love’ and ‘health’ (body, mind and spirit). 

Instead of providing advice on where you WANT TO BE in life – it guides you through a design process to take you where you OUGHT TO BE, taking in spiritual and moral issues on the journey.

I have had a great life (so far!) but I still found material in the book to inspire and motivate me, and constantly thought of friends and colleagues who would benefit from reading the book. Having said that, it’s not a 5 minute read; but you can pick up the book, read a section and put it down, then pick it up later. In fact that’s how it should be read – consider each section and reflect before moving on, using the exercises provided to help you in the process.

This book is for everyone as pointed out in the conclusion – ‘You never finish designing your life – life is a joyous and never-ending design project of building your way forward’

5 stars: Exceptional, a “must read” for any manager or leader  s

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