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Managing change creativity and innovation

Book Review by Claire Blanchard - Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation, Dawson, P and Andriopoulos, C. Second Edition, 2014, Sage Publications

As a lecturer on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Change Management I am constantly looking for key texts, articles and journals which help my students to fully understand, appreciate and recognise how and why change happens in organisations of all sizes especially against the backdrop of a torrid economic and political  post-brexit environment organisations find themselves in. Through this book, as an academic, I feel this text is able to provide me with the practical insight, awareness and understanding  I need to deliver the key elements and facets of how to manage and instigate  organisational change.  What I particularly like about this book is that it is able to appeal to both practitioners and non practitioners alike and utilises examples from global companies.

Through this work the authors are able to clearly demonstrate how to bring a fusion of ideas together linking the key drivers of  creativity and innovation to ably demonstrate how and why change happens and offer aspiring managers an understanding of how to manage change scenarios in different organisational contexts. The authors are able to introduce readers to the latest thinking in this rapidly changing area whereby organisations need to be both agile and responsive to increased global uncertainties. This is a must read for any manager who is currently embarking on or is thinking of embarking on a change programme in their organisation.

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Claire Blanchard

Profile - Claire Blanchard.

Claire Blanchard is currently a Principal Lecturer in Marketing and Management at the North Wales Business School, in Wrexham Glyndwr University and teaches on a range of Marketing and Business related programmes. She has three degrees and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Fellow of the CMI.

Claire is a highly experienced academic having spent twenty three years in academia teaching on a range of business subjects. Claire has held a range of posts in various universities in both England and Wales.  She is a passionate advocate of Higher Education and of widening access and is keen to promote the transformational benefits that higher education can bring not only to the individual but to society at large. Claire has done much to promote enterprise to her students and has taken them to various conferences around the world. Claire won the NCEE HE Enterprise Educator award in 2014 and was shortlisted for the NIACE most Inspiring Tutor Award in Wales in 2015. In 2016 she won the best academic tutor in North Wales Business School. She is a highly experienced QAA Reviewer and Auditor having undertaken almost forty reviews in all four nations of the United Kingdom. She is also a highly experienced External Examiner and has examined both nationally and internationally. She is also an Inspector for the British Accreditation Council. Claire has chaired numerous validation panels and acted as an external expert on validation panels in many universities both nationally and internationally. Claire is very interested in governance and is a Governor in two schools. She currently serves on the CMI Cymru Board and sits on  the Complaints and Investigations Committee of CMI. She is a highly experienced business mentor and  is an alumni of the Cheri Blair Foundation Mentor programme, where she mentors women from Europe and Africa. She has also mentored extensively for Young Enterprise.  She sits on the Advisory Committee for the Appointment of Magistrates in North Wales, the North Wales Board of Young Enterprise and is an Independent Member of Wrexham Borough Council Standards Committee.

Her research interests include enhancement, retention and the student experience.