Why should you become a Campus CMI student member?

Campus CMI offers all 14 to 18 year olds a free online student portal.

It contains resources needed to support your studies and get you ready for the world of work! To register, click on the form below and set yourself on the path to becoming a future manager and leader.

Student member benefits

  • Gain invaluable employability skills e.g. Checklists for CV and interview prep, building networks, managing your time effectively and working with your new boss!
  • Campus CMI Facebooktwitter in order to link up with our student network
  • Campus CMI monthly student newsletters
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Study for a professional chartered management and leadership CMI Qualification

  • Study for a CMI qualification from age 14
  • Enhance your CV – CMI qualifications are recognised by employers
  • Stand out from your competition!
  • Get ready for the workplace

Level 2 in Team Leading personal development, working within a team & effective communication skills.

Level 3 in First Line Management advanced personal development, managing a project, organisation & decision making.

If you want to study for a CMI qualification, ask your school or college to get in touch with the Campus team and get yourself ahead of the competition! Campus CMI has already inspired over 4000 students who have successfully achieved either a CMI Level 2 or Level 3 qualification.

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