CMI Secretariat Team Internship - Week 2

07 July 2014

My second week at CMI was another busy and interesting one.  A lot of my time was spent helping the Secretariat team with the forthcoming Board of Trustees elections, but I also had the chance to sit down with some of the other CMI teams and discuss their roles.  When I met with the marketing team, I had assumed that there would be little cross-over with the Secretariat team; however just recently a collaborative piece of work had been completed, producing a code of conduct for CMI's social media networks.  

For the Board of Trustees elections, I was helping to compile the candidate statements, which will be published to all voting members in a few weeks' time. There are five candidates going forward for two positions, all of whom come from very different career backgrounds but they are unified with having achieved great success in their field and a common passion for not just their own continuous learning, but inspiring others to do the same.  I found the process a motivating one. 

Lastly, I had an insight in to the intriguing sort of work a Company Secretary can deal with, when a reply came from the Privy Council Office (PCO) communicating that should CMI members vote to reinstate a Coat of Arms, the PC Members are likely to approve the constitutional change.  Unlike a commercial company, where constitutional amendments are approved by the shareholders, a chartered body must seek final approval from the Privy Council – a formal body of senior advisors to the Sovereign.  Having just completed a Company Law module, this development was a useful opportunity to see a practical application of the Common Law.

Lyndsey Hurley
Intern and Student at LSBU

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