CMI Secretariat Team Internship - Week 3

15 July 2014

Hence this past week, the Institute Secretary has largely been focused on preparing and disseminating the many papers required to support these meetings. Additionally work has been required around organising a dinner and getting the attendees, that live around the UK, together.

Again it’s been an interesting process to oversee and has provided me with further insight into the role of a Company Secretary.  It’s clear that over a year the work load is definitely cyclical, driven by key events such as the Annual Accounts, AGM, Board meetings etc but then interspersed with additional projects such as the new Code of Conduct and the Coat of Arms.  There is no typical day.

So I have a lot of reading to do before next week - 18 papers in fact.  When I started my course, I was told that we should aim to read at 500 words per minute. Top readers, which to be fair only represent 1% of the country, can read at 1000 words per minute with 85% comprehension. Phew.  I’m not sure I am there yet. Better get started.

Lyndsey Hurley 
Intern and Student at LSBU

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