CMI Secretariat Team Internship - Week 1

26 June 2014

Having completed the first semester of study for a Masters in Corporate Governance at London South Bank University (LSBU), I joined the CMI Secretariat Team on Monday for a 4-week internship.  The qualification is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and so I’d done a fair bit of research into the value of becoming a ‘chartered’ professional before selecting the course.

I’ll admit when I first stumbled across the term ‘chartered secretary’ I was oblivious to the scope of duties that one undertaking such a role is responsible for.  When I read on, I discovered that the role of Company Secretary is a diverse and influential one, working at board level, that requires a broad skill-set in strategy, finance, corporate law and governance.

My first week at CMI has certainly confirmed all of the above.  After a thorough introduction to the organisational structure and governance processes, I’ve sat in on a meeting of one of the Board committees where a wide range of strategic and legal issues were discussed and been involved with the forthcoming member nominations for the Board of Trustees.   The next few weeks have been scheduled to include involvement with the annual report, AGM and the possible Chartered Management Consultant award.

Additionally, it’s been really interesting to see the governance and secretarial requirements for an organisation that is both a charity and private company (CMI Enterprises).

From the beginning the university tutors stressed, to those of us not already working in the field, the importance of complementing study with practical experience.  Having recognised the value that a ‘Chartered’ accreditation brings to your career, I was so pleased to be accepted for an internship at CMI given its reputation for management excellence.   I expected I’d see best governance practice in place and this has certainly been the case. Thanks CMI.

Lyndsey Hurley
Intern and Student at LSBU

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