Chartered Manager - The route to professional success

It enabled me to benchmark my managerial attributes; the result of which increased my confidence to apply for senior appointments.

Mr Ian James Ogilvie MacEachern CMgr FCMI OBE
HM Land Registry

Role & business priorities

Ian is responsible for all aspects of strategic-level business planning in Her Majesty’s Land Registry, a Government Department that is also an Executive Agency with trading fund status. HM Land Registry gives legal effect to all conveyancing  and secured credit business in England and Wales and provides a range of other services to organisations and individuals concerned with interests in property. It is one of the largest service delivery operations within Government, demand led and wholly self-financing. Ian works closely with the Directors of Land Registry’s Board and the Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive. Ian's priorities are the introduction of strategic-level planning based on the balanced score card and the integration of risk management with business planning and performance management.

Transferring skills from the RAF

Ian's management skills and competencies gained from his RAF career are well recognised by Land Registry board members, and have helped him to raise the profile of the department in the arena of business planning and risk and performance management across government and numerous external organisations.

Attaining a civilian job with Chartered Manager

"My professional management experience gained from my RAF career, together with my academic and professional qualifications, including Chartered Manager, helped to secure my current appointment. In particular, Chartered Manager made me very competitive for senior change management appointments, and I was short listed for interview for most of the jobs that I applied for. A particular benefit was that prior to leaving the RAF, it enabled me to benchmark my managerial attributes; the results of which increased my confidence to apply for senior appointments."

Ongoing benefits

Membership of the Institute gives Ian access to a significant amount of management information and resources, which he has regularly drawn on to assist in his current and previous job roles. As a Chartered Manager, Ian's management skills and credentials are form ally recognised in the same way as for peers in other professions, and as such, he has a high professional standing in Land Registry.