Dual Accreditation

Tala Saade

‘The Chartered Management Institute is a globally accredited professional institute for management and the Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership is a stepping-stone for what I wish to achieve throughout my career as a productive and efficient team leader. A successful manager is one who is able to understand the roles of all their colleagues in order to help guide them and this is what the CMI qualification represents for me. I will continue working hard to earn the title of Chartered Manager’.

Tala Saade
University of the Arts London

What influenced your decision to take a CMI dual accredited course?

I decided to take a CMI dual accredited course because as a member of CMI I receive a more comprehensive range of skills, products and services that will bring me closer to my career goals of being a productive and efficient team leader. I learned that a well-built team is what drives the success of a company and a strong team is a result of a qualified leader.

What were your goals in taking the CMI dual qualification?

My main goal when taking the CMI dual qualification was to build my competence and improve my management skills so that I am able to lead a successful team in the future. Also given the competition in all industries today, the CMI qualification sets me apart and helps me gain recognition for enhancing my knowledge, understanding and practice of management.

What did you want to achieve at the end of the CMI qualification?

I wanted to have built the skills required to become a qualified leader in order to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the companies I work for and someday in the future my own company’s.

Why did you decide on taking your qualification at University of the Arts, London?

I decided to take my qualification at the University of the Arts because my courses were perfectly aligned with the skills required for a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership from the CMI. Furthermore when we were introduced to the Chartered Management Institute I thought that its benefits are a great opportunity for me to develop my management skills alongside and beyond my degree.

What types of learning were involved in the CMI dual accredited course?

Some of the coursework we completed was based on teamwork. We were put into random groups so that we all got to know one another and work with each other. One of the projects we completed required us to develop a business strategy for a product we wanted to build. We were given £100 as capital and were required to allocate the money between sourcing and marketing, making sure to return it after selling our products. My team voted me, as Director and I had to delegate the tasks, making sure to be a successful leader so we can deliver results as a team. We were able to build a successful business and we made £160.

We also had many industry leaders come in and talk to us about how they manage their team and company in order to compete in today’s competitive environment.

What did you like most about the qualification?

The qualification offers ManagementDirect an online portal of interactive management resources and tools to tackle everyday management challenges. On the portal, I sign up to webinars and they are all relevant and practical. By joining these webinars I have been able to add value to the company I work for and get results. There are always great ideas in the webinars that keep me up-to-date with the best managerial practices.

What has changed for you after you completed the CMI qualification?

I have seen change and I think as I grow my career and gain more experience I will be able to see more change. For now I am able to work more efficiently in a team and therefore achieve better results.