Education Provider - Blended learning

The blended learning element is the most successful way of delivering and assessing the Institute’s qualifications and makes the best use
of learners’ time.

Jane Southall
Kingston Management Centre
Programme Director

Establishing quality delivery

Jane Southall is the Programme Director at Kingston Management  Centre, which is one of the largest qualification centres of the Chartered Management Institute. Jane attributes the high quality of delivery at the Centre to an emphasis on both keeping up with  technological advances and ensuring that the importance of continuous professional development (CPD) is recognised. All staff undertake CPD to ensure that they remain up to date with their specialist areas and the Centre as a whole aims to keep abreast of innovative developments in course delivery techniques.

Maintaining and improving on high quality results

The Centre delivers the Certificate, Diploma and Executive Diploma in Management and offers them all in a blended learning format. Candidates attend monthly one – day workshops at the Centre and use its ‘Blackboard’ Virtual Learning Environment during the intervening weeks. The various teaching methods used include case studies, exercises, group discussion forums and interactive learning units, while candidates and tutors can also use the system to communicate with each other. This blended learning approach allows students to gain their qualifications with minimal time away from the workplace and to cover subject input as preparation for their workshop days.

Client sector

The Centre has strong links with the public sector and works closely with local and neighbouring councils.  It has in the past offered in – house programmes to the MET Police, the London Borough of  Hackney (a BME project) and the local Primary Care Trust. An in house programme is also run for some prestigious, local organisations in the private sector.

Key success factors – delivery and assessment

The blended learning element, Jane considers, is the most successful way of delivering and assessing the Institute’s qualifications and makes the best use of learners’ time. Workshops need to be interactive and relevant, while the work – based project needs to be practical. It also is good to use the practical evidence that implementation offers to assess as many learning outcomes as possible. The four things that contribute most to the Centre’s success with the Institute’s qualifications are:

  • a blended approach;
  • specialist staff;
  • state – of – the – art facilities;
  • an excellent relationship with the External Verifier.

The value of Chartered Management Institute qualifications

The Institute’s qualifications have a value in themselves, Jane suggests, in that they are well respected. “Our reputation”, she says, “has spread by word of mouth. Students can see the relevance of our approach.”