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Bridget’s expertise and observations added greatly to the lecture based elements of the module. It allowed students to gain a strong understanding of ethics in practice.

Dr Gerry Palmer
Worcester Business School | University of Worcester

Further to the release of CMI’s The MoralDNA of Performance research on ethics, CMI Companion Bridget Blow joined a group of 30 second year BA Business Management students from Worcester University Business School for an interactive workshop to support their Business Ethic module. Bridget, who has provided significant contribution to the CMI’s research, shared her expertise in the subject with the students. The students ran a Q & A session with Bridget exploring the pressures which businesses are faced with in considering ethical decision making. 

Bridget said “I am delighted to be involved with students and to be able to share my expertise in the area of ethics. Ensuring developing managers fully understand how good management cares about ethics and values, is critical as they are the leaders of tomorrow. We often hear about unethical behaviour in everyday work place, but exploring this in a deeper context enables students to understand how it develops.  They can then reflect on how good leadership promotes ethical behaviour throughout an organisation and impacts on success”.

CMI Companion visits is a great way to add value to courses’ proposition, which makes university offering even more appealing by providing learners with practical tools to help them learn and succeed in the future.

As part of the course, the students have completed an assignment highlighting the economic, social and political pressures faced by organisations when making ethical decisions.

Sarah Thompson, one of the students attending the session, said “Bridget’s session was very helpful in finding out more about the role of the Institute and it was good to hear of their involvement in business ethics”

Understanding the theory is great but knowing how it is applied in the world of business will really help to embed the learning. CMI’s members have a wealth of experience and practical knowledge which they are willing to offer to supplement your teaching.

Partnering with CMI is a great way of enriching the curriculum, whether you need a speaker for a lecture, or links to our local networks. We will help you enhance your learners’ experience by opening up our networks to you.