Qualification - Executive Diploma in Management

Since gaining the qualification I am able to perform my duties more effectively and I now take part in discussions with senior staff with a more managerial approach to business.

Alan Smith MCMI
Grimbsy Institute of Further and Higher Education
Learning Centre Manager

From teaching to management

As Learning Centre Manager with the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education, Alan Smith covers all operational management areas within his role, including recruitment, sourcing of learning materials, business planning, budget monitoring, staff development and skills updating. He also  designs and creates learning materials for use in the Centre. While Alan already had teaching qualifications, he wanted to ensure he was also qualified as a manager. He chose to take the Chartered Management Institute's Executive Diploma, which he has recently completed. “The Institute qualifications are well - respected”, he says, “and I sought advice from colleagues who had undertaken the qualification, and who recommended it wholeheartedly."

Qualification benefits

Alan has benefited from taking the qualification in three key areas of job role changes, support of organisational development aims and personal development: “Since gaining the qualification”, says Alan, “my confidence has increased and I am able to perform my duties more effectively. I now take part in discussions with senior staff with a better understanding of a managerial approach to business”.

The community learning centre is 40 miles from the Grimsby Institute’s main site and provides learning opportunities for adults in a geographic area where there are few learning opportunities. It may extend provisions next year to offer more opportunities and, if so, Alan may be asked to manage additional centres. He says that he will be able to deal with any increase in his future responsibilities and attributes his certainty to the increased confidence and knowledge of strategic management gained from his management course.

Alan has experienced both subjective and practical benefits in terms of personal development: “I feel able to take on more responsibility and have gained respect from colleagues”, he says, “but I have also been able to claim APLA for one year’s credits against an MA in Professional Development, to enable me to continue my own professional development.”

Work based project

The requirement to base the project on work enabled Alan to use his study time to benefit his organisation as well as his own career . “It encouraged me to carry out research for information relevant to my organisation and job role. The project also enabled me to practice the skills from other modules in a more realistic setting."