Qualification - Level 5 NVQ in Management

Lesley’s responsibilities grew on completion of her NVQ and she received a salary increase reflecting this.

Lesley Carol MCMI
SCADA Drug and Alcohol Service
Project Manager

Value of qualification

A key factor in Lesley Carol’s choice of the Chartered Management Institute NVQ 5 in Management was its reasonable cost, as impact on budget is a major consideration within the voluntary sector. A personal recommendation from a colleague who had recently completed the same qualification and was impressed by the level of support received from Project North East and the Institute, also influenced her. “The process of assessment was well - explained, clear and easy to manage”, Lesley says of her experience, “and my assessor was a joy to work with. I chose the ‘paperless’ route and this helped considerably, since evidence was collected en route through the course modules and was easily assembled for verification on completion."

Effects on work role

When Lesley began work as Project Manager with SCADA Drug and Alcohol Service, her key role was to restructure the service completely and manage a new staff team. Priorities included induction and development of the team; updating and aligning the service with local and national strategies; writing a new business plan; and developing a work plan to support key aims and objectives. As SCADA needed representation on appropriate groups related to drug and alcohol issues, working closely with partner agencies was also essential.

Lesley’s responsibilities grew on completion of her NVQ and she received a salary increase reflecting this. Some of her time with SCADA, however, was overshadowed by a disciplinary action against a staff member who was finally dismissed. Then, SCADA fell victim to funding shortages and in December 2006, the organisation was forced to close its doors to clients, while Lesley worked from home to complete the winding up process. The experience gained from her qualification seems to have been quite a support during this difficult period: “The knowledge gained”, Lesley says, "ensured that I could complete the winding - up largely unsupported.”

Contribution to personal development

Lesley feels her qualification has been beneficial in personal terms: “My renewed confidence in my skills (and understanding of my weaknesses) has created a framework for future personal development, highlighting key areas to focus and build upon.” She had only one appraisal within SCADA, but her line manager found her more focused and determined after her course.

Lesley certainly has great confidence in her own future. Following redundancy with SCADA, she aims to build up a private practice in Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Training and Personal Development: “The learning gained from the NVQ 5”, she says, ”will be particularly helpful in key areas of my practice, especially the planning and delivery of training to voluntary and community groups."