Qualifications - Diploma in Management

The gaining of the Diploma has helped my fellow managers here to know that I have the ability to perform.

Mark Talbot ACMI
ADAS UK Ltd., Agricultural and Environmental Consultants
Group Facilities Manager

As Group Facilities Manager for ADAS UK Ltd, Mark Talbot’s job involves managing all property matters for ADAS UK’s 22 sites, together with general procurement and associated contracting, company insurance and all legal issues.

Supporting organisational development

Mark was the first person in ADAS UK to gain a professional management qualification and knows that his company looks to have professional managers in charge of its various divisions and expects them to know and apply the latest managerial techniques. He thinks that the course units and study he undertook for the Diploma in Management have helped him to apply the management.

techniques that he learned about in his workplace. Since gaining his qualification, he also feels more confident about his ability to organise his work and to manage his staff in a productive way.

Supporting personal and career development

Mark feels that a professional qualification is necessary in the modern workplace, but has no university degree. He was able to make use of his work experience and achievements to gain the Diploma in Management, proving to himself that he has the ability to gain higher level qualifications. The Diploma also contributed, Mark thinks, to his selection into his organisation’s senior management development programme. “The gaining of the Diploma”, he says, “has helped my fellow managers here to know that I have the ability to perform."

The importance of a professional body

The Chartered Management Institute’s qualifications have a particular appeal, in Mark’s view, because they are linked to Institute membership: “I want to prove that I have the ability to undertake my managerial role and experience supports this. But there is also a need to belong to a professional body and to prove that you have undertaken study in your chosen area."