Anita Wild MSc, CMgr FCMI , Chartered CIPD, FITOL, MAC

Anita Wild

 Anita is currently Director at ADG, Learning, Development and Performance Improvement, based in Preston, which she has headed up since 2000. ADG has been involved in coaching development to support individuals and the organisation, as part of OD at Lancashire Probation Trust.

As everywhere it is a time of great change, and the organisation has been farsighted in understanding that coaching can support individuals through change, and that coaching changes the coaches outlook and behaviours as much as the coaches.

Anita has over 20 years experience of creatively developing leaders and managers in public and private sector organisations, and specialises in coaching executives through change and business growth. She is a member of the CMI NW Regional Board and the Champion for WiM NW. 

 Her mission is to develop positive people and positive high performing  organisations. 

It has been said that:  ‘Anita is the extra ingredient that brings everything together, she offers a flexible approach to meet the needs of her audience.  We have experienced a significant number of successes as a direct result of support from Anita’  (Change Leader, Unilever UK).


Area of interest: Gender diversity in leadership

Type: CMI Women, CMI Women Regional Champions