Anna Brown MCMI MIC

Anna BrownAnna Brown is a seasoned banker with over 25 years banking experience. She worked for Barclays Bank for 22 years from 1985 where she rose to the position of Premier Manager for High Net Worth clients. She currently works for NatWest Bank. She has a strong interest in the commitment to develop and deliver leading edge solutions to financial service industry clients in the area of customer care, and has won customer care awards with both Barclays Bank and NatWest Bank. She has the capability to align sales strategies which meet overall business objectives.

Anna's areas of specialisation lie in generating new business opportunities for the affluent customer segment through building client networks, prospecting and recruiting affluent customers. She has hands on experience in operational change management at Barclays Bank. Her ability to see change as a strategic decision and necessary at some point in business has helped other team members within Barclays to view change in a different light. She took the 'Lean Champion' role at NatWest Bank where she again showed her ability and made positive influence on team members regarding strategic operational change in business.

Anna holds an MBA with Nottingham Trent University; Diploma in Management Consultancy through the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and a Diploma in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with the Institute of Financial Service (ifs). She was part of the Olympic Legacy Group which did consulting work by studying the successes of previous Olympic Games and whether London would achieve the expected outcome and secure Olympic Legacy after the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Family, Health and Fitness, Personal Development, Volunteering / Fundraising for various charities including Oxfam, the Green Campaign and Children in Need.

Type: Subject Matter Experts