Bill Tate MCMI

Bill Tate

William ('Bill') Tate is the founder and director of The Institute for Systemic Leadership ( and owns Prometheus Consulting, an independent practice founded in 1991. He is a leadership strategist, prolific writer, consultant, coach, researcher, teacher and speaker. He specialises in systemic leadership, where he is a leading thinker and advocate. This perspective treats leadership more as a property and resource of the organisation than of individuals acting in isolation, viewing leadership and its improvement through an organisational lens. Closely associated are organisation dynamics, the shadow side, complexity science and chaos theory. Intervention disciplines include organisation development and systems thinking.

The major part of Bill's career (21 years) was spent in British Airways in senior HR positions. At one time he was Head of Management Training. When he left in 1991 he was Head of HR Strategy & Planning. He subsequently taught part-time on the Executive MBA Programme at Cass Business School from 1996 - 2003.

Bill undertook research on leadership for HM Government’s Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership (CEML), and he undertook research on innovation with Professor John Storey and Professor David Guest for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Besides numerous articles, papers and case studies, Bill’s books and other publications include:

  • 'Managing leadership from a systemic perspective' (paper), London Metropolitan Business School's Centre for Progressive Leadership, 2013
  • Leadership in Organizations (ed. J. Storey), ch. 'Linking Development with Business', Routledge, second edition 2011
  • The Search for Leadership: An Organisational Perspective. Triarchy Press, 2009
  • Systemic Leadership Toolkit. Triarchy Press, 2009
  • The Organisational Leadership Audit. Cambridge Strategy Publications, 2003
  • The Organisation Shadow-Side Audit. Cambridge Strategy Publications, 2003
  • The Business Innovation Audit. Cambridge Strategy Publications, 2003
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manual, ch. ‘Governance and Leadership’. Spiro Press, 2002.
  • Personnel Management (eds. S. Bach and K. Sisson), ch. ‘Management development’, (co-authored with Professor John Storey). Blackwell, 2000
  • Demerging Organisations: A Guide to Best Practice. Financial Times Management, 1999
  • Building Tomorrow’s Company – booklets accompanying eight-part video series (leadership, communication, measurement, and the key relationships - customers, employees, investors, suppliers, community). BBC for Business, 1999
  • Developing Corporate Competence: A High-Performance Agenda for Managing Organizations. Gower, 1995
  • Developing Managerial Competence: A Critical Guide to Methods and Materials. Gower, 1995

  • Bill holds a doctorate from Middlesex University and an MA from Loyola University of Chicago.  He is a Visiting Fellow in Leadership at Cass Business School, Visiting Fellow at London Metropolitan Business School's Centre for Progressive Leadership, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

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