Brian Burgess FCMI

Brian BurgessHaving qualified as a fitter/turner after a 5 year apprenticeship, Brian embarked on gaining BSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applicable Mathematics, and a Masters degree by research in Automobile Engineering. He was awarded the Fellowship in Manufacturing Management by the Prime Minister.

After university, his career started as a project manager/manager with ICI, and has since spent 20 years in line management in manufacturing industries, some at board level, and 20 years in Management Consulting, mostly in manufacturing industries.

He has worked throughout the UK, mainland Europe, the US and Japan, speaks several languages, and has a dual British/Swiss nationality.

He implemented the UK's first factory wide Just in Time manufacturing system in 1985, and has been practising Lean philosophies in three decades, and is currently running his own mentoring and consulting business TPM++, specialising in improving manufacturing performances.

His past achievements include:

  • £17.8m bottom line improvement over 4 years deploying Total Productive Maintenance philosophies and techniques in Caradon Group
  • Helped 72 SME clients in NE region create on average £1m new turnover each, £400K safeguarded turnover created 2 1/2 new jobs and safeguarded 7 jobs, for an investment cost of £6K. Evidence that most project targets exceeded manifold
  • Achieved a five fold improvement in productivity within six months on a new automotive product line at Schott Fribre Optics
  • Achieved 99% customer complete and on time delivery in white goods company, reducing manufacturing lead time from 26 days to 4 days using lean manufacturing principles at Ideal Boilers
  • Compressed operations on a 29 acre site freeing 60% space, with no reduction in throughput, deploying Just-in-Time manufacturing at Ideal Boilers
  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness from 35% to 70%, in highly automated environment, increasing throughput and reducing cost by 60% by coaching teams in TPM practices at Schott Fibre Optics
  • Increased throughput in root vegetable processing plant from 2.3T/hour to 4T/hour in 18 months with no capital spend
  • Implemented cost deployment programme across a group of companies, identifying multi million pound waste production opportunities
  • Completed a £27m factory build in Zurich within budget, and on time, using local Swiss German dialect, and project management skills.

He has had several articles published in engineering journals and is the author of Manufacturing Improvement Consulting Projects: A Series of Case Studies ISBN 1463710720.

Type: Subject Matter Experts