Danny A Davis CMgr MCMI

Danny A Davis

Danny has worked on deals from small to large: a 100 employee company taking over a 25 employee, through to a deal worth $16bn. His contributions have ranged from 2 days to plan integration through to 3 years planning and running the European side of a $6bn deal across 30 countries. He helped plan and run a $525mn spend HR transformation.

Danny has been a guest speaker at London Business School on Strategy and M&A for more than a decade now. He was Programme Director M&A at Henley Business School and has spoken at a number of the world's top business schools and conferences. He runs an M&A integration consultancy.

He brings a unique background that combines experience as an international sportsman; a corporate carrier and the planning and delivery of the largest transformations and mergers in the world. This background means he understands the theory but combines this with a proven ability to deliver in highly complex organisations. Danny served a term as a trustee on the board of the Chartered Management Institute, and chaired the Marketing and Policy Committee.

Danny’s book “M&A integration, how to do it, planning and delivering M&A integration for Business success” has gone onto many of the world’s top business school M&A or strategy courses. He is published with Finance Director Europe (FDE), The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) , The British Computer Society (BCS), Developing HR Strategy, Journal of Brand Management, Corporate Financier, and The Treasurer.

Type: Subject Matter Experts