Geoff Elliott FCMI

Geoff Elliott

Geoff originally trained as an engineer with degrees in Metallurgy and professional qualifications in Accounting plus an MBA. He has over 25 years international experience gained working for with several companies in Africa, Europe, the former Soviet Union and North and South America specialising in programme & operations management; systems and  requirements engineering. Geoff was formally trained in programme management, requirements engineering and systems engineering in the US and quality methods in Japan

An experienced business and programme/transition manager with background in business, IT change/transformation/OD and programme management; across a range of sectors, public and private, including Finance, Transport, Government, Telcos, Process based  and Service Industries in the UK, Far East, EMEA, and US. Focus of assignments has been on Business Change/Transformation and Organisational Development supported by Programme Management, Lean Thinking. Geoff has worked by both client (buy) side and supply side and personally managed programmes up to a value of $100m

Whilst working on several major overseas IBRD projects Geoff gained an interest in soft systems (Systems Thinking) and complexity theory. This proved to be the only practical way of approaching complex programme management, engineering, quality management, systems and environmental problems. During the implementation of TQM and IT (ERP) systems across the Raytheon electronics factories in Germany, Switzerland and Manila it was realised that Six Sigma process was insufficient along with the analytical quality methods for problem solving and definition. The six and lean sigma method couldn’t deal with “messy/wicked problems” and assumed the problem was known and could be measured.

At this time Geoff was seconded by Raytheon Corporation to work with the International Ecotechnology Research Centre (IERC), Cranfield University as a Research Associate in developing Change Management, Knowledge Management and Quality Management methods. IERC was a 50/50 Cranfield - MITI (Japan) Joint Venture set up and sponsored by Honda. IERC was specifically set up to explore strategy/policy formulation, innovation and change within the wider socio, political and technological environment including organisational complexity and chaos based on systems thinking and systems ideas. 

Co developed the meta Change Management/OD model for a major Japanese Corporation based on systems thinking and systems ideas whilst seconded to IERC. The approach has been used successfully as the basis for major change/transformation projects worldwide from banking to engineering to service delivery and transport across the public and private sectors including local government. The approach is based on an open systems cybernetic model and incorporates the resource based view of the firm from a stargey perspective.


At present, Geoff works as an interim manager specialising in strategy, quality management, process management, in particular, customer relationship management, context-based segmentation based on individual value systems and voice of the customer.  Personal attributes include people management, very high inter personal skills, creative thinking and problem solving with the ability to act as a boundary “crosser” and to develop and maintain relationships at a senior level. Attributes include partnerships, team working, team leadership and negotiation skills; managing organisational change. Attributes including mentoring and coaching junior staff and senior managers.

Other work interests include maintaining close working relationships with Cranfield, TWI and London School of Economics in the areas of change, innovation, systems thinking, strategy, corporate decision making, marketing and brand management. Geoff is also an associated lecturer with the Open University on their MBA/MSc programmes specialising in Strategy, Systems Thinking, Quality and Operations Management.

Type: Subject Matter Experts