Jackie Le Fevre FCMI

Jackie Le FevreOriginally a behavioural ecologist who worked with chimpanzees in West Africa, Jackie now specialises in consciously values based organisational development.

As the lead UK practitioner working with the Minessence Values Framework, Jackie enables individuals to harness their own personal and unique combination of priority values to inspire and sustain behaviours that lead to better outcomes. Jackie also applies values profiling technologies to researching and mapping culture in concrete, measurable terms.  

After Africa, Jackie spent fifteen years in UK nature conservation before joining Sefton Council for Voluntary Service in 1998. At Sefton CVS Jackie developed youth employability programmes where, with her team, she won a bunch of awards for innovation and communications. In 2004 Jackie went freelance.

By 2007 Jackie had developed a focus upon values and their role in effective leadership and organisational development and set up her own company Magma Effect. Today Jackie works across the UK with clients in the private, public and charitable sectors.  Jackie is a founder member of the Minessence International Cooperative and a member of the UK Values Alliance.

‘Braver Than You Think… female perspectives on courage’ is Jackies’ first book published by Tangent Books in 2008.

‘Fulfilling Lives’ is co-authored with the University of Liverpool and Merseyside Disability Federation, this research report from 2013 explores the culture of a high functioning social care organisation and is free to download

Jackie posts values based articles periodically on LinkedIn

For more information visit www.magmaeffect.com and www.braverthanyouthink.co.uk

Jackie holds a B.Sc. Hons in Zoology, Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory) and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Type: Subject Matter Experts